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» Pipos Petre is a Romanian chef currently working in Bucarest at the Hotel Minerva. After studying tourism in Istanbul (Turkey) and Bucarest (Romania) Pipos Petre worked in various establishmens such as the Intercontinental Hotel of Bucarest, the Partouch
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1 HEALING WITH POLENTA on Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:34 pm

Chef Pipos Petre


Trivial polenta can be a useful drug in the treatment of colds and gall stones
   Cornmeal is a reliable substitute bakery products called experts " bowel friend " . Unjustly despised , the traditional medicine man only benefits both healthy and those who suffer from serious diseases. Treatment with polenta is very healthy , we can try in Lent , to nourish the body and cleanse the intestines.

   Help the liver and intestines

   A traditional food like polenta was often the topic of research specialists without being able to find a contraindication . Corn concoctions were appreciated since the time of Columbus , but later came to be regarded as poor nutrition . Recent studies have highlighted the fact that the average life of Native American tribes that eat raw or cooked corn was much higher than other neighboring communities , lacking the food diet . Recently , it was found present in corn derivative of palmitic acid and arachidic extremely important for health. These acids are absorbed in the gut with great ease , without undergoing chemical transformation than the proportion of 22 to 28 % . Once in the blood, turns into hydroxyacids which will purify the blood of some toxic substances. Detoxifying effect of substances from maize eases burden on the liver neutralize toxic substances , reducing the risk from insufficient and cirrhosis . In populations where maize porridge consumed daily , the incidence of liver disease is 10 times smaller , and the children have a better development .

   We help you live longer

   Edocrinologi researchers believe that daily consumption of polenta decreases by 60% the risk of mental illness caused by thyroid dysfunction . Also , eating polenta regulates blood glucose concentration , being useful for diabetics . Reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood , reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and thus of heart . Moreover, ordinary polenta revitalizes sexual function , especially women . Romanian research results conducted by anthropologists in Bran- Rucar region (where e polenta often Roman table ) shows that 9% of women over 65 have had a very intense ovarian activity , and by extension sexual manifested even after 72 years of age . Also , eating polenta is responsible and longevity. Many people believe that fat polenta . Well, soft polenta has four times fewer calories from bread. And polenta Virtua has half the calories of bread . since ancient times , Romans used polenta as a cure. For example , just to avoid pellagra is sufficient daily intake of polenta with a pint of milk and an egg. Therapy has worked for hundreds of years .

   Poultices applied to the chest

   The treatments that we did our grandmothers and we heal our childhood ducking misuse of antibiotics. Polenta was a place of honor among the ancient remedies . For sore throat and cold , put on a hot plate two tablespoons of corn and sit above the nose fumes , stirring constantly . In addition , drink a porridge before bed as a thin polenta , which put a piece of butter . The next day you will feel infinitely better . in people, one of adjuvantele with incredible efficiency pneumonia is also famous Romanian polenta . Allow to cool, how can bear skin , then lies on the chest in a layer two fingers on the chest and hold 15 minutes , then remove and wipe the skin with an alcohol swab dipped in camphor . Poultice with hot polenta is smooth and bronchitis , flu, chronic cough . The same application is made in the kidneys to treat renal colic and nephritis , the lower abdomen , as a remedy quickly attached and cystitis .

   Diet polenta

Breakfast: hot polenta , as raw, traditionally mixed with a soft egg and milk .
Lunch ordinary food , but replace the bread with polenta .
Dinner buttermilk or yogurt with polenta .

   Useful in obesity

   For pitcher : put hot polenta on the eyelids , changing it as often as possible . In case of lipoma , can be treated with poultices hard polenta . Place layer of 3-4 cm lipoma place , making sure that the side in contact with the skin to be filled with finely crushed incense as put salt on a slice of bread with butter. Apply hot as skin support , and cover with a piece of wool to maintain high local temperature . The treatment is done every night and keep cool until polenta . Polenta is useful to those who suffer from obesity , as it gives a feeling of satiety food very fast , because dietary fiber in its composition . Studies have shown that people who regularly consume corn, some problems caused by hypothyroidism, such as weight gain , sleepiness , lack of physical and mental tone are reduced. Hyperacid gastritis and ulcers are relieved by eating hot polenta instead of bread, cornmeal having , besides the effect of reducing the acidity , and easy action calming , sedative . Food nutrition and biochemistry studies showed that frequent consumption improves polenta and diseases such as rheumatism , diabetes, difficult menstruation heavy bleeding , attached and metroanexita , kidney stones, hepatitis.

   Remove stones from the gall

   Polenta increases secretion of bile and facilitates evacuation to having anti-inflammatory effects of bile . It is helpful in conditions such as biliary dyskinesia , dyspepsia, cholecystitis . to eliminate gall stones , is the following treatment: 8.00 am eating a slice of toast with cheese . At 10:00 , applied to the skin in the bile and liver a towel soaked in hot chamomile tea every 15 minutes. At 12.00 eat a plate of pap as hot . Over 20 minutes , place a hot polenta made ??with 1 kg corn , wrapped in a towel in the liver. This heat dilates bile duct , which allows removal of gallbladder stones . Over 15 minutes , drink 100 ml of olive oil or sunflower at 37 degrees C , then immediately the juice of a lemon . At 17 , 00 , drink a cup of black coffee . Overnight will remove the stones . If there is vomiting, can drink lemon juice. To stimulate hair growth , massage is very effective with cornmeal . With a handful of corn is good scalp massage for several minutes . Shake well cornmeal , but do not wash your hair. Repeat the treatment 2-3 days and then just wash your hair .

   For the polenta, the porridge and Bulz

   Traditionally, the corn can be prepared in many ways : cake in ashes , corn in test ( malaias ) , corn in pan , porridge , passed , Bulz Chitac , Cocirta . Corn itself is stop eating and cooking ( in the pot ) , roasted ( to ashes ) or popcorn ( fried ) . Polenta and it is of two kinds : Hasty and boiled . A rash on the townspeople and eat more corn than cie is prepared by putting little hot salt water , so it boil polenta evenly throughout . Boiling takes less than polenta virtues more Preferred country . In this case , cornmeal all at once put in salt water , let it boil up trying several times to give the fire milk . Then break the paddle . In villages , polenta Virtua not cut with a knife , but the rope. Cornmeal porridge is nothing more than half polenta liquid that children enjoy eating slices of cheese or prune juice . PASAT is a kind of porridge , but the corn from which it is made ??is more coarse , larger and harder to thread . Appeasing or Bulzul is wrapped in cheese then baked polenta and coal . In some places, corn flour mixed with boiled pumpkin .

   Did you know?

- 100 g corn flour has 351 calories , 100 grams of rods have 520 calories.
- Polenta cut knife is perfect if Moisten with water .
- Polenta is not lumpy if before putting it boiled cornmeal sprinkled with cold water.
- Mamaligii secret vanilla can be perfect .
- Polenta no calories , but combined with sour cream and cream cheese , the effect will be the same as if a dinner children. in weight loss is recommended yogurt and cottage cheese.


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