Aici puteti gasi ultimele noutati in domeniul gastronomiei profesionale, de la cele mai exotice preparate de bucatarie internationala si nu numai cu proponderenta in cea asiatica dar si in bucataria franceza la mancare gatita in casa.



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Chinese Remedies

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1 Chinese Remedies on Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:40 pm

Chef Pipos Petre


Chinese herbs are recognized worldwide for they're curative virtues. They were successfully used since 3000 years ago. Chinese old recipes are no longer secret, a number of drugs based on certain plants originating in China. Nowadays, approximately 5,700 medicinal plants known from this area, including ginseng and gingko biloba are the most popular. Not only cure a range of diseases, but proved to be universal medicine without side effects and prophylactic miraculous effects. No wonder, in ancient China the feudal doctor was paid only while the patient himself was healthy. If you got sick, the doctor payed the cost of treatment.

Cheap and safe treatments:

     Traditional Chinese Medicine is the pharmaceutical companies's most formidable competitioner. Oriental drugs and methods of treatment were subjected to scientific verification of all kinds, and where found without flaw. Chinese remedies are increasingly used in Europe. They really heal you, even if the treatment is longer than in allopathic medicine,have lower prices and are 100% natural. Traditionally, plants are used in the form of decoction that has simmered between 30-40 minutes. There are also used dried herbs and powders, tinctures, ointments and tablets. The taste of the decoction  is not at all pleasant, but that can be easily defeated if we think of how effective they are. Caution! Chinese herbs do wonders, but treatment is not chaotic, but only under the guidance of the doctor who determines the optimal dosage.

The Health Root:

     Panax ginseng is scientifically called schinseng. Panax comes from the Greek goddess of Panacea, which is said to cure all diseases. The species is protected by law and is extensively cultivated in China, Japan, Korea and Russia. It is said that Chinese ginseng effects are incomparable with those in other countries. In pharmacies and herbal stores in Romania, ginseng is found in more than 20 shapes of formes.In general, ginseng is used for it's vigor inducing properties. Those who regularly consume ginseng have less  risk of contracting cancer. It reduces blood sugar concentration.It increases the body's ability to adapt to hardships, is anti-inflammatory, also antioxidant. Has beneficial effects on the metabolism. Helps improve digestion and respiration, fertility, blood pressure, hypoglycemia, joint inflammation, liver function and has an energizing effect. People aged over 40 need ginseng. But also those who are constantly subjected to stress.

Ginseng recipe:

     You need to  buy a white ginseng root, preferably in a Chinese herbal shop.The root must not be torn, fragmented or crushed in any way. You need to find a wider mouth bottle with a cap and insert the root upright head up gently without harming it. Make a 1:1 mixture of double refined alcohol (70-85 degrees) with spring water or mineral water. Pour over the root to a cover it by 1 cm. Allow two months in a cool, dark place,shaking 2-3 times daily. The use of this elixir:
1) General tonic of the body: drink an amount of 15-20 ml in the morning mixed with 50 ml of spring water or just plain water. It is useful in recovery from intense physical fatigue or if you have undergone any surgery lately.
2) Can be used as a disinfectant lotion on wounds (in this case no longer diluted with water)
3) Instead of coffee in some cases (not recommended this every day), drink a double portion, 40 ml mixed with water 100 ml.
4) The extract is also a sexual tonic, it is recommended in moments of sexual weakness (or failure).
Do not drink after 18 o'clock because chances are you will not sleep at night. It's bad to be consumed by hypertensive people because it increases tension.
If kept in a cool place, this elixir will keep it's properties  about 2 generations.

10 healing herbs

- Munga beans - rich source of substances that contribute to preservation of the most important proteins in the body.
- Black sesame seeds - they contain vitamin E, folic acid, nicotinic acid, calcium. They have the effect of a  general tonic.
- Echinacea - increases the body's  resistance to infection.Is good for  respiratory infections.
- Ginger - improves digestive tract activity, has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates blood circulation.
- Morula seeds- improves digestion and bowel activity.
- Black nuts - they have a high nutritional value and a general tonic effect.
- Alzina - has anti-inflammatory properties.
- Gotu Cola - protects the nervous system.
- Cough Grass - is an anti sweling agent.
- Ginostema Pentafilum ("fortune grass") - prevents cardiovascular diseases, regulates immunity, cures fatigue and  lack of oxygen feeling.

No prescriptions go without ginseng:

     2,000 years ago in China it was believed that ginseng can tame animals inspire thoughts and was a cure for fear. At the same time, it strengthened the immune system and prevented depression. Its properties have not changed and is a general all around good to have ingredient. It is one of the most used herbs in the world. In ancient times, ginseng was highly valued, the cost being close to that of gold. It is considered a symbol of life, being called "the food of immortality" or "root of life". In China, almost every recipe recomended by a doctor contains ginseng. Annually, there are sold worldwide hundreds of tons of ginseng produced in over 50 countries. But, paradoxically, ginseng is also one of the least known plant,t he secret, the active principle to be responsible for these traits has not yet been discovered.

The immortal tree:

     Ginkgo Biloba is a "living fossil", a symbol of longevity, seen as a true wonder of medicine. Ginkgo trees can live more than 1,000 years. The oldest fossils dating back 270 million years, from the age of dinosaurs. The oldest Ginkgo tree  in China has 3,500 years, specimens older than 100 years are protected plants. A ginkgo tree survived the Hiroshima atomic disaster. Ginkgo comes from the Chinese ginkyo meaning "silver apricot". It's seed resembles an apricot seed, and the fruit's collor is like silver. Biloba means "with two lobes" after the fan-shape leaf. Because of the natural resistance to diseases, insects, pollution, fire and even radiation, Ginkgo trees are planted in cities and urban areas. Can be found in Brasov, in the courtyard of the Faculty of Forestry.

Memory grass:

     According to studies, ginkgo biloba extract has three main effects on the human body: improves blood circulation (especially in the cerebral circulation, and peripheral retina) powerful natural antioxidant (contributes to the defense against outside pollution) and anticoagulant. The seeds are used to treat asthma, colds, urinary tract infections, facilitates digestion, skin treatments, headaches and as a dressing for wounds. They are good for the heart and circulation as a stimulant,good for breathing problems, improves eyesight, combats altitude sickness. The leaves of Ginkgo biloba prevent intellectual deterioration in the elderly (Alzheimer's and dementia). It also improves peripheral blood circulation to the extremities (hands, feet), decreasing the sensation of cold, numbness. There are many pharmaceutical preparations based on extracts from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba. People taking anticoagulants should not combine them with Ginkgo.

Doctor's advice in ancient China:

1.Eat sparingly, don't overfeed.
2.Do not eat in bed.
3.Walk after eating.
4.Refrain from any kind of food at night.
5.Eat often and in small quantities.
6.Start with hot food, continue with warm food, and if there is no cold food drink cold water.
7.Spring, eat spicy foods, summer eat acidic food, fall eat bitter food and avoid salty foods in the winter.
8.Do not eat raw fruits on an empty stomach.

Green tea:

     Green tea is made from leaves of Camellia sinensis, like many other teas, but the difference is that,for green tea, the natural fermentation process is stopped. Green tea is known as unfermented tea or virgin tea. Contains essential oils, theine, flavonoids, amino acids, vitamin C, protein, calcium, iron, fluorine, alkaloids. Polyphenols combat pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, ultraviolets. The protein stimulates fat burning, has diuretic properties. Flavonoids protects against stress. All these components make green tea an excellent antioxidant, diuretic, stimulating the brain and anticancer protection factor. Green tea is recommended for weight loss.Reduces the formation of dental plaque and tooth decay. Prevents cardiovascular accidents and increases immunity. This herb reduces the risk of breast cancer, and prostate.


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